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Spring 2024 Concert Review: The Verdict is in!

It’s been a little while since we’ve had the opportunity to have a concert of ours reviewed publicly, after a stint of reviews in the local Ham & High back in the day. Luckily for us, our interesting programme caught the eye of composer and music critic Robert Hugill. We’re glad to say we seem to have got an overall thumbs up in his honest and comprehensive account of our performance which is posted on his website Planet Hugill, the online classical music magazine.

Hugill’s review begins “Quite an achievement: the North London Chorus’ ambition rewarded in a performance of Ethel Smyth’s The Prison that intrigued and engaged.” He goes on to conclude “The chorus surmounted most of their challenges, and all concerned should be proud of their achievement. What we got was a performance that made us think about, consider and enjoy the work. There was a confidence to the singing that transcended the occasional tricky corner and helped engage the audience.

There was definitely a feeling of pride amongst our ranks as we wrapped up on that Saturday night. Sometimes we might punch above our weight, but NLC always comes out swinging – and from the comments we also heard from within the audience, we think we managed to deliver a knockout performance!

You can find the entire review here.